Nautic presents a collection of authentic light fittings, made out of pure materials such as bronze, copper, cast iron and brass. The first question we asked ourselves in putting together this range of light fittings was: how do you create 'recognizable light'?

Our search for honest design led to an eclectic approach, in which strong original ways of working and ancient forms with there timeless character were preserved, yet at the same time modified for contemporary use, whilst not forgetting the standards and demands of today regarding finish and technical requirements.

We found our inspiration in old trains and ships from a bygone age and searched for genuine craftsmanship at factories who would do things our way.

As a result, the obvious thing to do was choose simple functional products, in contrast to the mass of bright glitzy fittings and pastiche design so often seen in the street and private houses.

The concept behind Nautic is to try to offer a solution in light without the 'fuss' around it. We offer a style that blends our choice of materials and organic shapes, with the functionality that is required. We simply create a recognizable and unpretentious object that just is what it's supposed to be: nothing more than what is required of it.

Nautic's mains objective is to be there without wanting to be seen, not to be pushy, but honest, not striking, but stylish. In short, as pure as the poetic sense of light.