First appearance on national TV | Tekna

First appearance on national TV

Tekna was chosen as a guest in the television program Wooninspiraties on the national television channel VTM. As an expert in decorative lighting, Maxim Blijweert, CEO, gave a short presentation on the key points of decorative lighting and the choice of materials.

Tekna's handmade lighting products can be found all over the world, from Dubai to the Netherlands. It's therefore one of our goals to put our brand more strongly on the world map every day. We distinguish ourselves with the unique combination of traditional methods with a timeless character. All lighting fixtures are designed, produced and assembled by hand here in Europe. This way you don't only buy a lighting fixture but also a powerful story, which makes it a truly valuable product. 

To give our decorative design lighting an extra level of finesse and detail, we mount the glassware with custom designed ledges. These ledges are made of durable brass and bronze plated for a beautiful look. We prefer soldering to gluing, this enhances the artisanal aspect of the manufacturing process. By adding these ledges, we transform the minimalist design into a romantic and more authentic one. We are extremely proud of this exclusive system.

Each fixture is produced with the utmost care and precision as a personal work of art. For fixtures like Mercer and Stockles, we work with over 20 individual glass rods that are placed one by one by hand. Through this method and selection of materials, we create a beautiful optical illusion of both light and glass. We give the production the time it needs and make every effort to deliver a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. 

"When you choose decorative lighting, you do so to create a certain atmosphere, both inside and outside. The challenge is to find lighting that exudes the desired look, even when switched off. "

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