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Maison & Objet 2023

Astone Collection

The wonderful union of art, craftsmanship, advanced technology and high-end lighting. That’s what the Astone Collection strives for. In addition to the already familiar materials such as bronze, brass and glass, we are now adding a fourth durable material: natural stone. This noble material makes each product unique. No two pieces are the same. Each product begins as a solid block of stone. This is chiseled, ground and milled into a beautiful shape and is incomparable. Each block tells its own story, the veins, the colors, the textures.. All orchestrated by the forces of nature millions of years ago. The result is a beautiful composition of stones and minerals admired by all. Working closely with our in-house designer and one of the world’s leading natural stone companies, we transform these treasures of raw materials into unique and high-quality design lighting. The Astone collection allows us to be creative with colors, textures and shapes.

New Flatspot finishes

If you are looking for a more natural finish for your spotlights, we’ve got you covered! We are kicking off the new year with some new finishes. Choosing the right finish for your space is now even easier with more additions to our range. We are adding 8 new elegant and innovative colors to our wide selection of high-quality finishes. These new lacquered finishes are available on models from our Flatspot collection. In addition to the already well-known white and black finishes you can now choose from a wide palette of natural tones. Flatspot was created in 2009 due to the increasing demand for functional indoor lighting. Tekna recognized the challenge and developed Flatspot, a lighting range consisting of a wide assortment of spotlights with unique features. Ordinary spotlights illuminate only one specific area. Flatspot is designed so that the light surface is much wider and can be directed, without causing shadows on the walls. As a result, we have created a range of semirecessed,