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Maison & Object 2020

Milan Design Week 2022

Design Week in Milan is the world's most important design event, featuring the furniture fair Salone del Mobile and hundreds of shows and events at hundreds of venues in the city's design districts. We are very pleased to welcome you during Design Week Milan 2022. From June 7 to 12, you are invited to the showroom of Pollice Illuminazione, our Italian partner. Together we will present new products and our top sellers. NEW / Tekna x GioBagnara We proudly present to you our exclusive and exciting collaboration with GioBagnara, pioneer in Italian luxury leather. Tekna strives to constantly improve itself: creating new designs and exploring cutting-edge materials. Because our lighting is all about seamless finishes, authentic design and decorative excellence, we are committed to seeking partners who reinforce these high-level values. The TEKNA x GIOBAGNARA Collection aims to create pieces able to generate unique atmospheres and enhance spaces, giving birth to a union where traditional Italian and Belgian lifestyles meet. NEW / Lúmmi LED bulb We're pleased to introduce "Lúmmi", our new LED bulb that will be used in all our exclusive lighting designs. Over the past year we have been working intensively to bring the perfect bulb for decorative lighting to the market.  The lamp has a warm and cozy glow with 2200K and 400lm. In addition, we found it extremely important to take the ecological aspect into account. We're proud to announce that our new "Lúmmi" lamp is 100% plastic free and the fitting is made entirely out of glass, something that has never been done before. EVENT BY INVITATION On the 8th of June, we're organizing an exclusive evening full of novelties. Enjoy a fine tasting with a glass of bubbles and let all your senses be stimulated. Would you like to join us? Please send an email to marketing@tekna.be   6 p.m - 10 p.m Pollice Illuminazione Via Giovanni Rasori, 12 20145 Milano

Characteristic patina

From the moment of first touch, your lighting fixture comes to life. Slowly, a beautiful characteristic patina forms that makes your Tekna fixture personal, but most importantly, unique.  For those of you who are not familiar with this term. Patina is a dull corrosion layer that forms on a bronze surface as a result of oxidation of the metal when exposed to air and moisture. This can occur when you place bronze appliances outside. The patina layer forms a natural protection of the bronze material which in this way prevents the material from rusting. This process is perfectly normal and is considered a very special feature. This sets us apart from third parties who prefer banding and lacquering to the use of natural materials. Tekna always uses brass as the base material, which is then coated with bronze. If you prefer not to have a natural patina, you can choose to maintain your fixture on a week-by-week basis. You can do this by using our cleaning kit which contains the necessary materials. By regularly brushing the fixture off and providing it with a new wax layer you will slow down the process.  The process of patination can be enhanced by a variety of environmental factors, this partly determines the required maintenance time. These include the impact of coastal areas, (acid) rain, wind, dust particles and to a lesser extent UV radiation from the sun. Tekna also features a finish called Acid Green. In this finish, we have chemically accelerated this oxidation process. This creates the green layer on the Spreaderlight, for example. This type of finish is very popular for those who love this natural appearance, but would like to have this effect from the very first moment.