Maison & Object 2020

A Touch Of Glass

Glass can be used in any part of an interior design, whether it's a small glass table or a large glass door. Often used in modern and minimalist designs, glass elements like these can greatly enhance the contemporary look of a space. What’s important to consider is how these elements fit into a space more generally. For example, if a room has a lot of natural light coming in through a roof window, choosing glass as a thematic element in the smaller elements of a design can create an overall sense of harmony. Natural light also has a wonderful effect on fine glass details, which reflect in a way that draws the eye and acts as a focal point for the finer points of an interior design. Industrial vs. Vintage  The combination of industrial elements, neutral colors and rustic finishes has been a winner for some time. Recently, the vintage trend has been added: old vintage charm combined with metallic tones. Mixing contemporary with modern for a unique and truly magical interior. Lighting design incorporating glass accents is the ultimate go-to to respond to these trends, it allows you to add subtle and elegant details as well as a beautiful eye catcher. Discover Tekna's new Phare design with art deco bulb, ribbed glass. Rivuletta Glass To add an extra touch, you can, for example, add a Blakes Table Lamp with Rivuletta glass to your interior: decorative glass with fluted structure. Place this battery-operated fixture anywhere you like and simply enjoy the magical shadow play of the glass structure. Kembleford Line The new Kembleford Line is part of the Arton Collection: eye-catching, high-end design lighting. Tekna makes the difference by combining remarkable design with particularly high-quality materials and the typical seamless finish. Inspiration comes from the early 1900s and is characterized by luxury, straight lines and geometric shapes. Exclusivity is expressed in the use of a special glass, an optical illusion that reflects the feeling of individual glass rods. “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.”

Lighting trends 2021

Lighting is an essential part of successful design, it helps us to create the perfect mood. In winter, when the days get shorter and we spend more time indoors, we opt for warm and cozy indoor lighting. In summer, when the days get longer and we like to spend hours outside, we look for the ideal garden lighting.  An interior is never finished, it evolves with the seasons and trends, but especially with yourself. We want to share our top 5 trends for 2021 with you.