Sustainability | Tekna

There is more than meets the eye...


Tekna has a young and dynamic but above all strong team. This gives us the vibrant energy to think out of the box and give new meaning to decorative lighting. Tekna has a strong passion for traditional techniques and a more personal touch. Therefore, we're always looking for authentic ideas that we can develop by hand in Europe. No two fixtures are the same, that is the power of 'handmade'.

By keeping our production as local as possible and by choosing sustainable materials, we not only aim for very high quality end products, but also for job security for the craftsmen who work for Tekna. They are the ones who transform these raw materials into functional and aesthetic lighting that we all can enjoy for a very long time. Belgian talent, dedicated to Belgian sustainable creations. 


"Good design starts with a good idea."

Every fixture starts with a simple idea and an initial sketch. In the early years, everything was drawn at 1/1 scale with pen and paper. The more Tekna grew, the more we started looking for efficient and innovative techniques. Today, we have a technical illustrator in our team who works everything out digitally, so we can develop and adjust the first prototype of a design in a time-saving and ecological way. 

Tekna strongly encourages circular economy. We are committed to sustainable high-end products with a long lifespan by working with durable materials such as glass, brass and bronze. Over time these natural materials transform themselves into a true work of art, creating a natural patina through oxidation. Recycling materials and end-of-life products is extremely important at Tekna. All fixtures that don't meet our quality control standards get refurbished or are melted down into raw material to design a new lighting fixture. 

Lúmmi - Tekna's first LED bulb: 100% plastic free 

We are committed to efficient and smart lighting. Recently Tekna launched "Lúmmi", our new LED bulb used in all our exclusive lighting designs. Over the past year we have worked intensively to bring the perfect lamp for decorative lighting to the market.  The lamp has a warm and cozy glow with 2200K and 400lm. Moreover, we found it extremely important to take the ecological aspect into account. We are proud to announce that our new "Lúmmi" bulb is 100% plastic free and the socket is made entirely out of glass, something that has never been done before.


Tekna prefers craftsmanship over automation, this way we deliberately keep the product cycle close, small and controllable. Tekna's famous dark bronze finish is applied by an experienced team of artisans with the highest quality certification and international knowledge in their field. 

- 50% catalogs sent in the last 5 years 
We want to inform and communicate optimally while minimizing our carbon footprint. That's why we're trading paper for dynamic QR codes, reusable bookmarks and other creative digital solutions. 

We also attain this by:

  • Developing online tools and services, including digital invoices and digital packing slips.
  • Creating an AR application to discover Tekna fixtures in 3D worldwide
  • Reducing the number of catalogs sent and paper used in our company.
  • Using paper and packaging from sustainably managed forests (certified with PEFC and FSC).
  • Providing all necessary information from installation to specification sheets on our website.