Astone | Tekna

Light as timeless as a stone

The harmony of art, craftsmanship, advanced technology and lighting…This is what the Astone Collection strives for. In addition to the well-known materials including bronze, brass and glass, we are now adding a fourth sustainable material: natural stone. This noble material makes every product unique. No two are the same.

Each product starts as a solid block of stone. This is chiseled, ground and milled into a beautiful shape and is incomparable. Every block tells its own story, the veins, the colors, the textures…All orchestrated by forces of nature millions of years ago.The result is a magnificent composition of stones and minerals that is admired by all.

In close cooperation with our in-house designer and one of the world’s leading natural stone companies, we transform these treasures of raw materials into unique and high-quality design lighting. The Astone Collections allows us to be creative with colors, textures and shapes.