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Article Lumenpro: Tekna 2.0

Lokeren (BE) remains the operating base of Tekna, designer and manufacturer of decorative and functional lighting fixtures that find their place far beyond the Belgian, even European, borders. The combination of high-quality materials and a high degree of finish remain the main focus. With the takeover in 2017, a new Tekna 2.0 was born. In addition to the well-known Flatspot and Nautic collection, a third collection was added: Arton.

"We want to continue to evolve and excite our customers with innovative, exclusive designs".

Innovative concept stand

Tekna's new style immediately catches the eye. "In the past, our stands had a white and simple design," confirms the manufacturer. "Today we're interpreting it differently.

"Tekna has been working with high quality and noble materials for years and we want to use this strength throughout all our activities."

For Maison&Objet, we worked together with renowned architect Glenn Sestig and natural stone company Van Den Weghe on an innovative concept. The result: a stand where natural stone, glass, brass and bronze reinforce each other in a unique and warm way. Of course, our products will always be the main focus, which is why we like to experiment with them.

In Paris we placed the Arton collection in the spotlight.
With the Arton collection we focus on an audience that loves striking, unique design lighting. Sometimes a bit eccentric, sometimes basic with a striking touch. One thing is certain, this lighting attracts attention. It surpasses many contemporary designs. Tekna makes the difference by combining remarkable design with exceptionally high quality materials and the typical seamless finish.

This year, we are also putting extra effort into our functional Flatspot collection. Flatspot was created in 2009 because there was an increasing demand for functional lighting for indoors. Tekna saw this as a challenge and developed Flatspot, a lighting range that consists of a wide range of spotlights with unique properties. Ordinary spotlights only illuminate one particular zone. Flatspot has been developed in such a way that the light surface is much wider and can be directed specifically, without shadows on the walls.

A must for every art lover.

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