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Pollice Illuminazione official partner of Tekna

"Luce per l'arte" the perfect light for art is one of the visions that unites Tekna and Pollice Illuminazione.

Pollice Illuminazione has a long tradition in lighting since 1908, and has always aimed to make people feel better under a healthy light, according to the Circadian rhythms. In their lighting projects you’ll find the concerning of choosing products that follow the tradition but that are innovative at the same time.

Thanks to the international growth of TEKNA, we are proud to announce that from now on Pollice Illuminazione will be your official contact for the Italian market. Thanks to this partnership, you are offered an even better and more local support and service. The sales team from Pollice Illuminazione is looking forward to answer your calls in the future.

"Keep in mind the effects of light in human beings health." - Pollice Illuminazione

March 2019

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