Frederiek Van Pamel | Tekna

Frederiek Van Pamel

Location: Bruges, Belgium

Step into the wonderful world of Frederik Van Pamel. Discover his fabulous decorations, objects, furniture, plants and flowers. To strengthen the 18th-century building, we have chosen to work with black-colored designs. In this way the unique Parisian style is fully reflected, down to the smallest details.

Due to the Flatspot 7, the objects come to life. Experience the freedom to illuminate what matters. Flatspot has been developed in such a way, the light surface is much wider and can be aimed without shadows on the walls.

The timeless design and the choice of materials give the luminaires a harmonious appearance. They are attractive and stylish, without unnecessary decorations. This fully describes the design of Annet Mesh from the Nautic collection. Special about this design is a (removable) brass plaiting on the inside of the light, this gives you the opportunity to experiment with your unique atmosphere at all times.